how it works

How it Works

It took 5 years to figure out the neurochemicals in your brain. Then we spent 15 years figuring out how to measure them using only a smartwatch. 





Our neuroscientists spent 20 years and $4MM in R&D, conducting thousands of blood draws, fMRI, EEG, breath analyzers, and significant peer-reviewed & published scientific papers. We can now measure Immersion using only smartwatches to predict outcomes with over 80% accuracy. 


Data from users' smartwatches is processed in the cloud by our algorithm to determine the neurological state of Immersion - second by second. You receive this information on your desktop or mobile phone to review consumers’ state of Immersion almost instantly.




Immersion's platform gives you information in real-time with clear graphs and easy to read comparison so you can understand what captivates your audience. With this unmitigated insight, you can make informed decisions to maximize what your customers love. 

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Compelling Content

Your audience engages with compelling content from the living room to live brand experiences.

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Unconscious Response

Your brain values an experience when it shows both attention and an emotional response – something we define as Immersion

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Smart Watch

We use the Smart Watch that you or your audience already owns to peripherally measure the extent the brain values the experience in real-time.

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Sent to the Cloud

We capture the data from your Apple Watch or Fitbit, and send it to the cloud for processing.

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Immersion Algorithm

Using our proprietary algorithm, we convert the data into a simple metric we call Immersion.

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Real-time Dashboard

Now a user can see the data in real-time, play back the experience, graph & aggregate the data to make predictions.

20 years of peer-reviewed research

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Paul Zak & our team of neuroscientists spent years studying brain chemicals to determine the precise state of Immersion, a measurable brain state of connection to experiences.  

The result? Objective data so you can understand what consumers love. 

  • Surveys, focus groups, and lab data aren’t reliable because you are not measuring consumers’ true experience when they are removed from it.
  • Immersion rises above the problems of the status quo by removing bias and keeping participants in their natural environment.
  • Immersion's data is objective because we do not rely on participants to articulate motivations for their actions; we non-invasively perceive what consumers' brains love and how they will act.



We Predict Future Outcomes

What makes Immersion unique is our ability to predict future human behavior anywhere & at scale. 

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