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Real-time Neuroscience to Make Every Decision Your Best Decision

Ever wonder why your competitors always seem to have better content & audience experiences?  Now, you know.



You want to know how your short content will engage a small audience


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Every thing you need to get started using Immersion for experiences with a small group of participants.

Unlimited Experiences

10 Participants

1 Hour Length



Measure Pre-Recorded Content

Measure Live Experiences

Participant Tagging

Upload Experience Agenda

3rd Party Survey Integration

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You want to make big decisions with using a large audience


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Measure content and live experiences with an statistically significant audience size.

Unlimited Experiences

100 Participants

No Time Limits



Everything in CLEVER

Secure Video Upload

Live Experience Viewer

Calendar Integration

Access to Immersion Audience Panel ($$)


You're an agency that is measuring experiences for a client


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Use Immersion to make the worlds' best content &  experiences for you and your clients.

Unlimited Experiences

Unlimited Participants

Unlimited Length



Everything in SMART

Secure Video Distribution

Glance Tracking

Reel Creation & Distribution

VIP & Reseller options for your clients

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Looking for an Enterprise plan or need help finding what's right for you?

Want to measure Psychological Safety all day, every day? Interested in embedding Immersion into your app? Not seeing the right pricing fit?

Meet with one of our experts to see what's best for your team, or learn more about our secure & scalable Enterprise options. 

Integration & APIs

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Enterprise Security

Dedicated Neuro Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We get it. We also have answers.

Not sure if this will work?

Look, we get it. Neuroscience can seem creepy or hard. But here is the good news: this is published, peer-reviewed science that has been proven to predict audience behavior.

Drop us an email, and we'll send you a white paper on the science so you can read all the cool details on how we can predict behavior using the smartwatches that people wear every day. 


More questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us at help@GetImmersion.com