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Understand the Immersion and Psychological Safety of your team, your employees, and even your clients to ensure that your information is finding its mark, your meetings have impact, and your events inspire. 


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Time is money.

And bad meetings waste both. 

The cost of poorly organized meetings was $399 billion in the US in 2019 alone. And that was before the global shift to remote or hybrid work environments. Let's solve that.
Improve content


Learn what aspects of your meetings and events have the most interest and what elements can be improved. 



Understand your audience immediately. Know how the people in the room are responding and take action in real time.



Ensure the flow of your gatherings is primed for the most impact. Measure everything from agendas to introductions.  

Immersion empowers business teams to measure employee connection and engagement in real-time to optimize for maximum impact, nurture potential, and solve important problems.


In Person vs Remote V2


Tag participants according to their work situation to understand the opportunities and challenges of our new virtual work styles.

Keeping participants anonymous, you can explore the impact of our shifting work environments on team meetings, collaboration, psychological safety, employee engagement, and more.

Ensure that every voice is heard and each participant is comfortable expressing their opinions to strengthen your business offering and help empower DEI.

When you make measuring Psych Safety part of your company workflow, you can analyze and improve how you engage all your team members. 

Women vs Men


April Team Meeting


Understanding the Immersion and Psych Safety of your department will help you to identify which teams work best together, which teams are ready to take on big projects without fear, and which groups perform better when information is presented in a different way.

You can use data instead of haphazard opinions to optimize your workflows and even increase job satisfaction. 


We put an end to meetings that should have been emails. 

When you have accurate data that visually depicts the group's real-time neurological engagement with the agenda topics and presenters as well as quantifies the psychological safety of the room, you have undeniable proof of an impactful and important meeting (or the lack thereof). 

Make your meetings matter

Some meetings actually do need to be...meetings. Ensure your presentation is landing by analyzing your team’s Immersion and Psych Safety against each agenda topic, each presenter, and more.

Agenda V3
Optimize the agenda

Visualize the Immersion and Psych Safety of your meeting in real-time, broken out by agenda topic, presenter, and more to understand and predict retention and action.

Compare V4
Build for the future

Compare meetings overtime to optimize for greater impact, identify content that creates confusion or frustration, and spot the most engaging presenters and future leaders. 

Efficiency V2
Increase Efficiency 

Reduce meeting time and wasted effort by maximizing the effectiveness your presentation while leveraging Psych Safety to identify teams that are aligned and ready to take on big projects. 

Improve the impact of your events

Ensure that your conferences, conventions, keynote presentations, and more have an impact that justifies that amount of money, time and effort invested. You no longer need to rely on surveys responses that focus on the catering and the temperature of the convention hall. Discover what truly resonates with your audience. 

Tailored Email
Tailor follow up communication 

Send tailored follow-up content based unique Immersion metrics for those who opt-in and leverage the best elements from your event for future communications to new prospects. 

Create a cohesive experience

Measure the full event experience from pre-event marketing, to live attendance, to post-event communication to ensure that each element aligns with your goals and eliminate pain points. 

Practice and learn
Practice really does make perfect 

Measure each rehearsal to ensure that every presenter has the most positive impact possible. Update presentation flow, get rid of bad jokes, and optimize transitions before the big show. 

Measure your first meeting today. 

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"The insights we're gaining with Immersion are helping us create more engaging and ultimately more effective learning experiences for our people."
Bob Gerard

When we understand what has impact in our corporate meetings, our business events, and our all-company gatherings, we unlock the most potential in our employees and the most opportunity and purpose in our work.