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Let's do neuroscience together

Immersion is a SaaS platform that measures attention and the unconscious emotional response we all have to compelling content, and predicts future actions with 80% accuracy.


Real-time Measurement

Objectively quantify in real-time a person’s unconscious emotional response to experiences, events, and content. We are able to measure Immersion using a simple sensor that the audience members wear on their arm.

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Accurately Predict Outcomes

Accurately predict the impact of experiences on future decisions, including purchases, social shares, information recall, productivity, and job retention.  20 years of peer-reviewed science has proven that we can predict future outcomes with 80% accuracy.


The Super-Fans & The Frustrated

Identify consumers and employees who are emotionally committed evangelist to your content, and most like to share it with others. Further, we can quickly identify what parts of experiences may cause people to tune-out, so that you can improve these in real-time.


Predictive, Simple, Use Anywhere at Scale

Proven Science

Founder Paul J. Zak’s lab pioneered quantifying the brain’s acute production of the neurochemical oxytocin. His group showed that oxytocin had profound effects on human behaviors.

20 years of peer-reviewed published research, with funding from DARPA and the CIA, led to a set of neurologic measures that robustly predict individual decisions and market outcomes.

We identified the immersion pathways from the peripheral nervous system to the brain and invented algorithms to infer brain activity from a sensor worn on the arm.



Use Immersion Anywhere

Gone are the days of neuroscience in the lab with expensive machines and caps covered in gel. With Immersion you can get accurate and predictive results using a simple sensor.

This opens up new possibilities to measure the compelling content that happens in the real world.  Things like live events, real-world brand experiences, and in-store interactions.

Immersion happens everywhere.  You should be able to measure it anywhere.



Unmatched Price per Prediction

Doing a neuroscience study doesn't have to break the bank, and you shouldn't limit yourself to only testing the things you can afford.

With consulting companies and market research firms, you are paying astronomical prices per prediction.  With Immersion, our simple SaaS model allows you to run any number of tests on any number of people for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

You don't have to take our word for it.  Schedule a demo to see the platform in action.  Immersion is helping content creators know, not guess.  You could be next.

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I've got all the other tools here, but I love Immersion for it's simplicity and ability to seamlessly integrate with my workflow. I am a big fan of the Immersion team and platform.
Joe Jestus
TCM Creative

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