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With Software you get answers Now, When you want, In your style, Anywhere, Any time, On Budget .

Immersion is Neuroscience for Everyone. Now you can predict market outcomes on your schedule for a fraction of the cost.  How cool is that?


Don't settle for Powerpoint slides.



You don't need a PhD to be a neuroscience expert.  You need Immersion.

In the past, the only way to get real market predictions were in a lab using scientific equipment like Electroencephalography (EEG) or functional MRI machines. But the days of labs, caps, gel, and giant magnetic tubes are over.   


Lower your price per prediction

When the predictive power of neuroscience is locked in a lab, and your only visibility is the presentation 4 weeks after you write a big check, you have lost control. Our unmatched solution lowers your price per prediction to a level that allows you to start predicting market outcomes for every part of your business.

Cloud based insights

Start, stop, mark, and analyze your compelling content with a cloud based system.  This means you can run a study from your laptop or mobile device anywhere in the world, then download the executive report and send to your team at any time.




Software is Scalable

Unlike EEG and fMRI, our cloud based solution and small arm-band sensor can scale to thousands of simultaneous users.  Because it's designed to be used any where, we have opened up the power of neuroscience to the real world.  If you ever wished you could roll 35 fMRI machines into a conference room, Immersion is your solution.  In addition, Immersion has been proven to provide 80% accuracy on market predictions.  



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Workflow Integration

With a software based platform, you can integrate Immersion into your business workflow.  Today, some of our customers use Immersion in real-time to help edit content, and make event recommendations while the speaker is still on stage.  

Because of our unique model, the more you use the system, the lower your price per prediction.  This makes neuroscience a practical, real-time solution for your business.



So, what are you waiting for...

Team buy-in? Quarterly budget approval from your CEO?

Maybe you just want to see it in action?  Whatever is on your mind, a great place to start is a demo of the Immersion platform.  Drop us a note, and schedule a demo today.

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