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Make learning matter. You want your students and team to grow, evolve, and thrive. By measuring Immersion and Psychological Safety during training sessions, you can ensure that critical information is absorbed and retained. 


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Training & Education efforts

don't matter if no one learns anything.  

Training is only effective if information gets into, and sticks in, people’s brains so they can act on it. Measuring this is the first step to training that provides value to organizations and helps students thrive. 
Improve content


Identify what elements of your training are most impactful and retained as well as the subjects that should be revisited. 



Know how your students are responding in real-time to adapt and make the most out of each training session. 



Ensure your training sets your students up for success. Learn what exercises and teaching styles have the most impact. 

Immersion is a leading indicator of information recall. When your training is immersive, learners will remember and act on what they have been taught. 

Optimize for learning. 

Immersion makes the information stick. Identify the elements of your training and education that have high Immersion and Psych Safety, and will be remembered by your team, as well as those that will need to be revisited. 

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Improve your training structure. 

Make every second count. Visualize the Immersion and Psych Safety of your training session in real-time, broken out by agenda topic, teaching exercise, and more to understand and predict retention and action.


Learn from your own training.

It is not just the students who have something to learn. Compare each session overtime to identify and improve elements that create confusion, track teaching exercises, and understand group dynamics. 

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Personalize follow-up to ensure the info sticks. 

Understanding the elements that each team, group, or even individual have high Immersion for as well as aspects that need attention allows you to create a clear path to understanding for everyone, based on how they learn best.

Adapt your training in real time.

Learning is a beautiful, complicated goal. (We love learning about learning... hence the whole neuroscience thing.) When you can see the impact of your training in real time, you can adjust to the needs to our students to ensure you make the most out of everyone's time, effort, and money.

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"The insights we're gaining with Immersion are helping us create more engaging and ultimately more effective learning experiences for our people. We are just scratching the surface. We see a future where this technology can radically transform how we learn, work, and live."
Bob Gerard

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