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Immersion is neuroscience for normal people. Start for free today & cancel anytime.

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Know what the future brings

Immersion is neuroscience for normal people. Use it every day to predict the market success of content before you spend money on events or distribution.

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You want to know how short content will engage a small audience



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Everything you need to get started using Immersion for experiences with a small group of participants.

5 Experiences per Month

10 Participants per Experience

30 Minutes per Experience


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You want to make big decisions using a large audience



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Measure content and live experiences with a statistically significant audience size.

10 Experiences per Month

100 Participants per Experience

1 Hour per Experience



You're a pro that is measuring experiences that matter regularly



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Use Immersion to make the world's best content &  experiences for you and your clients.

Unlimited Experiences

Unlimited Participants

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Looking for a plan that fits your scale, compliance, or solution?

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Want to measure all day or embed Immersion into your app? Not seeing the right pricing fit?

Integration & APIs

Enterprise Security & Compliance

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Want to try it out first and see how Immersion will work for your specific content or experience?

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Clever Smart Genius
Monthly Price
$ 199
$ 169

$ 299
$ 269

$ 499
$ 419
Recorded Content
Send video & audio to participants like a survey
Live Experiences
Measure Immersion in real-time during a live event
No cost per measurement
Measurements per month
Max length
30 Min
1 Hour
No cost per participant
People being measured are always free in our platform. However, there is added cost if you use the Immersion panel or outside panel providers.
Participants per Experience
Anonymous Participant Support
Participants may create a login for immersion, or choose to be entirely anonymous.
Invite by Email
Invite by Link
Post a simple link to Slack, Social Media or Include in your own email communications.
Invite by Calendar
Access to Immersion Panel ($)
Panel costs may vary based on the demographic targeting required. Contact your Customer Success Team for details.
Dynamic Reel Creation
Select multiple experiences to be delivered to a single participant. Content order is randomized for each participant.
Video Support
YouTube Video Links
Vimeo Video Links
Upload Video
Secure Video Distribution
Experience Context
Append Video or Audio
Append Agenda
Live View of Data
Demographic Tagging - Manual
Demographic Tagging - Automatic
Benchmarks - Industry wide
Benchmarks - Experience Type
Benchmarks - Private
Export & Integration
Dynamic Sharing Link
CSV & Excel
Post-Experience Survey Redirect
Custom Survey ID pass-through
This is typically used by 3rd party survey or panel providers to link Immersion results to their system.
API Integrations
No App Conference Hub ($)
A meeting room solution that allows participants to join without installing an app on their watch or mobile device. $399 per hub device.
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Looking for an Enterprise plan or need help finding what's right for you?

Want to measure Psychological Safety all day, every day? Interested in embedding Immersion into your app? Not seeing the right pricing fit?

Meet with one of our experts to see what's best for your team, or learn more about our secure & scalable Enterprise options. 

Integration & APIs

Compliance Features

Enterprise Security

Dedicated Neuro Support

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We get it. We also have answers. And don't hesitate to contact us at help@GetImmersion.com