Distributed Neuroscience

Measure and predict what your audience will buy and remember using the smartwatch they wear every day. The predictive power of neuroscience with the speed & simplicity of a survey.

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The Predictive Power of Neuroscience for Everyone.

20 years of peer-reviewed research by our team has created a simple and powerful software platform to predict future human actions with over 80% accuracy.

Used by leading global brands, Immersion will revolutionize your business by revealing what your customers & employees truly love and predicting their future actions.  We specialize in solutions for compelling content including:


Live & Virtual Events

 Learn how Immersion has changed the way companies like yours measure their Return on ExperienceTM for live & virtual events.



With TV, movies, and music, Immersion shows the creators of compelling content how to drive up revenue and find their super-fans.



Training & Education is hard to get right.  Immersion will show you how to get the most from your training & education efforts.


We Measure Future Actions

20 years of peer-reviewed research shows us that "like" is not a predictor of future behavior. We know this: the brain doesn't lie.  Immersion is a real-time predictive measure of future human actions.  Learn more about how people are using Immersion to transform their Entertainment Content, Live & Virtual Events, and Training




Proven in the Market.

The global ad agency BBDO did a blind study to see if we could predict sales bumps based on compelling content.  Watch the video to see what Andy Wilson had to say about Immersion.  Spoiler Alert: We can predict sales bumps with over 80% accuracy using less than 1 minute of video. Download the BBDO case study to learn more.



Immersion data showed that our material was effectively forming memories and very accurately predicted outcomes of training. We could not have had a successful launch without it.
Justin Wolske
Justin Wolske
The Immersion data was better at predicting in-market performance of content than any self-reported measures.
Andy wilson
Andy Wilson
The insights we’re gaining with Immersion are helping us create more engaging and ultimately more effective learning experiences for our people.
bob gerard
Bob Gerard

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