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Immersion vs. EDA

Electrodermal Activity (EDA) uses electrodes to measure changes in sweat gland activity & determine arousal.


*EDA is the umbrella term for this type of research. Galvanic skin response, aka.GSR, is one type of electrodermal activity measurement. 

What is Electrodermal Activity (EDA)?

Using EDA in neuromarketing allows you to measure changes in sweat gland activity to determine arousal. Though EDA can identify arousal, it's important to understand this does not always correlate to emotion. 

EDA involves placing electrodes on two fingers of a consumer’s hand and recording changes in the flow of low-voltage current between them. 

EDA research is conducted in a temperature-controlled environment where consumers are asked to stay still. Recent technology advances have led to the development of mobile wrist-based devices, but these may be less sensitive for detecting changes.

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The Benefit

EDA is a simple measure of attention to stimulus. 

EDA requires that your audience is fit with electrodes on their fingers, making it simpler than some neuroscience technologies, but it still requires professionals to interpret data. 

The Drawback

EDA requires access to costly equipment, pre-scheduled lab time, and trained professionals to apply the finger electrodes and interpret the data. This interpretation causes issues with results. 

EDA requires a specific temperature-controlled environment that can take away from the experience of your audience while viewing your content.

Processing data from EDA can take weeks and requires professionals to decipher data.

With EDA, you can identify the presence of arousal, but you cannot determine whether that arousal was good or bad. You will know that your audience experienced a response, but you will not know whether it was positive or negative. 

Dinner Party Fact for Brain Nerds:

It was first discovered that human skin was electrically active in 1849 by Germany physician Emil du Bois-Reymond. When his subject was immersed in a zinc sulfate solution, Dubois found an electric current between a relaxed limb and a limb whose muscles contracted. 

(Must have been freaky to see for the first time...)

How Immersion is Different

Immersion is not based on simply detecting a change in arousal. It does not stop at biometrics to infer attention. It provides analysis of direction of emotionality for a second-by-second analysis of whether a person is connecting with an experience. It doesn't require complicated tools or specialized training to collect or interpret the data.

Immersion passively identifies the electrical signature of the neurochemicals our brains produce to understand your audiences’ connection to your content and accurately predict their future behavior from that measurement.


Immersion is ecologically valid, meaning it takes place in any environment without requiring specific context from your audience that could interrupt the integrity of their experience. Immersion is scalable to any audience size in any setting - using the smart watch they already wear. 





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Immersion is based on 20+ years of research performed by experts in neuroscience who created algorithms that have been proven to predict future action based on emotional responses of your audience with over 80% accuracy.

Not only does Immersion pinpoint the moments of connection or disengagement - it predicts future action in your audience and identifies areas in your content or experience to maximize results. 


Immersion pinpoints the exact moments in your content or experience that your audience is most likely to remember. This helps predict future action based on what is happening in those moments.

With Immersion’s data - you can alter your content to put your call-to-action in the most important moments in your content to drive audience action



EDA Immersion
$ $$-$$$$

$ $-$$
Easy to Use
No observation effect
Nearly instant results
Shareable, downloadable reports
Conducted by any team member at any time
No professional training required
Experience setup in under 5 minutes
Easily identified high & low moments
Automatically produces actionable insights
Pinpoints exact moments to improve
Predicts' consumers future behavior with over 80% accuracy
No additional neuroscience required to leverage results
No expensive, specialized equipment
Scalable to test hundreds of subjects at once
Natural environment to your audience
Cost effective
Easy, low touch audience setup
Ability to test asynchronously at convenient times for your audience
Can scale to thousands of participants without requiring a visit to a lab or testing everyone at once.


EDA requires professionals to outfit your audience with electrodes on two fingers in an environment-controlled room. Immersion records measurement from the smartwatch your audience wears everyday in any environment.

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Processing and analyzing EDA raw data takes time and requires a certain level of training or expertise. Immersion's measurements appear in visually compelling ways to create nearly instant insights anyone can understand.  



EDA data is generally an accurate measure of arousal or attention, but does not indicate future behavior. Immersion’s second-by-second analysis pinpoints exact moments to improve and drive action.

Don't take our word for it.  Try it yourself on any video you want. Right. Now.