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Build Better Apps., Tech., Products.,Engagement.

Measure what your users love and trigger actions from their brain state.

Build with Brains

Build tech so smart, it feels like magic. 

(But, let's be clear, it's not magic. It's science - glorious, nerdy, world-changing science.)

Our partners use the embedded neurological insights to make their product shine. Use case range from gaming to wellness. Supporting mothers so they can enjoy the time with their newborn. Helping high performing consultants learn faster and deeper. Making sure sports coaches provide a safe environment or pro-golfers to be laser focused when entering the tee box.

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Measure how a user's brain responds to an experience

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Understand the psychological safety of your users 

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Discover the greatest moments users have in your product 



Reach out to your users when they are in the right state of mind



Use immersion and psychological safety to personalize an experience  

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Low Point 

Identify moments when your users tune out of your experience and make them better

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Capture what captivates your audience

Identify the most engaging elements of your product based on neurological signals of your users during live use of your product. 

Predict memory and action in real-time.

Measure when your users tune out and your product is not resonating.

Use this neurologic data to identify pain points, engage your audience, and personalize your offering. 


12 score

Easily identify opportunities to improve



Increase recall & provide a safe environment

Content measurement and optimization

Environmental readiness

Immersive learning



Build games that are immersive and responsive

Identify high and low points

Personalize with neurological insights

Real-time measurement



Expand into the emotional realm of wellbeing

Measure joy

Capture emotions & moments

Keep a mental journal



Quantify emotional response

Identify high and low points

Optimize target segments

Non-intrusive, accurate measurements


Generate new revenue

The prediction capability of the Immersion platform provides insights and opportunities to innovate and upsell to the right audience at exactly the right time. 


Are your people ready?

Immersion's measurement of Psychological Safety helps you help your users by identifying moments of readiness for creativity, innovation, and risk taking. 



Our easy-to-use APIs are designed to let your product shine.

We made neuroscience easy, so you can focus on your users.

With insights as impressive and actionable as these, you can connect on a deeper level and your product can have a bigger impact. 


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