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Immersion vs. Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking observes and measures eye movements, pupil dilation, point of gaze, and blinking to identify what captures study participants' attention.


Eye tracking is a neuromarketing technique designed to measure consumer attention. This methodology uses one or more cameras to track how a participant’s eyes move when interacting with some stimulus or experience (e.g., a website, advertisement, show, game, shopping trip).

The tools used in eye tracking research can be computer mounted, face mounted (on glasses that participants wear), or web based. 

Eye tracking data generally takes a bit of time to process, as it requires identifying specific areas of interest and aggregating data from different consumers. Individuals who conduct eye tracking analysis generally complete some sort of training to become an expert in the process. This means that most eye tracking research is done by a specific vendor with expertise. 



The Benefit

Eye tracking output can help you identify what captures attention by reporting what captures it first, how long it takes for a certain element to capture attention, what the typical gaze path looks like, and how long consumers spend attending to different elements of an experience.

Face-Mounted eye tracking glasses can produce measurements in a more flexible environment where a consumer needs to be able to navigate as they would naturally, like with a journey through a store.

Wed-based eye tracking allows the research to scale as it taps into consumers' own webcams to capture measurements. 

Some Immersion users combine eye tracking with Immersion for shopper studies and UX research.

The Drawback

While attention is an important element to understand in content creation, it is only a small part of the story. Eye tracking will not tell you whether or not those elements of attention have a positive or negative impact on the consumer or if their brain engages in a way that will drive future behavior or recall. 

Eye tracking requires a trained professional to interpret the data and send you the results, which can take weeks.

Computer-mounted eye tracking cameras require  collecting data in person, preventing this from being a truly scalable option.

Computer-mounted eye tracking cameras need good lighting, limited movements, creating a generally unnatural way of watching content. 

All eye tracking technologies require constant recalibration to ensure the data is accurate and useable. 

Face-mounted eye tracking glasses can be bulky and attract unwanted attention, making the experience less natural for the consumer.

Due to the challenges of using individual webcams, a good portion of webcam captured eye tracking data, must be thrown out due to factors that can affect data quality such as lighting, participant movement, and poor internet connectivity. This data loss requires companies to over-recruit.

Eye-opening Fact for Brain Nerds:

The six muscles in each of your eyes move faster than any other muscles in your body. 


(Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of "give it a quick look"...)

How Immersion is Different

Immersion measures attention and emotional resonance moment-by-moment. This helps you to understand which moments spike your audience's connection and what will drive action...not just what they looked at. 

By combining Immersion measurements with eye tracking, you get a data set that tracks what your audience is attending to AND how much they connect with the content. 

Immersion instantly provides real-time results on a graphic dashboard that aligns your data to specific content or agenda points. Second-by-second, you understand your audience's connection to your content. When the experience is complete, you can easily scroll to high or low immersion moments in the graph to see how your content performed. 

Use Immersion on it's own to understand your content's connection to your audience in real-time or combine with eye tracking for a robust understanding of how your content will drive action. 


With Immersion - you measure any-size audience using smartwatches they already wear in a comfortable environment of their choosing - with no negative impact on the results. 

Use Immersion on its own to understand what moments in your content and experiences create connection that will drive future action. Or combine with eye tracking to understand where consumers are looking AND how and when it captivates their brains.


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With eye tracking, you understand what your audience is looking at moment-by-moment. 

What you don't always know? How what they're looking at impacts their brain. They could be looking at the screen, but entirely tuned out. 

Immersion measures emotional connection moment-by-moment. So you understand which moments spike your audience's connection. 


Immersion is usable by anyone with an internet connection! Our graphs display real-time data through our website that is easily interpreted by any member of your team.

Our reports are exportable to PDF and PPT. Immersion auto-generates post-experience shareable links showcasing your dynamic data so you can communicate results with your team within moments of completing the experience!



Eye Tracking Immersion
$ $$-$$$$

$ $-$$
Easy to Use
With Vendor Support
No observation effect
Nearly instant results
Shareable, downloadable reports
Conducted by any team member at any time
No professional training required
Experience setup in under 5 minutes
Easily identified high & low moments
Automatically produces actionable insights
Pinpoints exact moments to improve
Predicts' consumers future behavior with over 80% accuracy
No expensive, specialized equipment
Scalable to test hundreds of subjects at once
Natural environment to your audience
Cost effective
Easy, low touch audience setup
Ability to test asynchronously at convenient times for your audience
Can scale to thousands of participants without requiring a visit to a lab or testing everyone at once.


With eye tracking, you will learn which parts of your content the audience paid attention to. But you cannot know whether those elements had a positive or negative impact on the consumer. And, most importantly, you cannot know whether that attention will drive action. 



Immersion is based on 20+ years of research, funded by experts in this field and tailored to algorithms that have been proven to predict future action based on emotional response of your audience with over 80% accuracy.



Processing data from eye tracking can take weeks and requires professionals to decipher data. Immersion's measurements appear in visually compelling data to create nearly instant insights anyone can understand.  

Don't take our word for it.  Try it yourself on any video you want. Right. Now.