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The Science of Immersion

With 20 years of peer-reviewed science and winning customer stories, we have proven that we can listen to your heart in order to read your mind.


We know. It sounds crazy, right?


Proven science that's backed up by published, peer-reviewed publications and is among the most cited work in the field.


It all starts with your brain

20 years ago, Dr. Paul Zak started doing academic research on the effect of the neurochemical Oxytocin in social situations, human trust, and economic decisions





Science is messy

By doing over 10,000 blood draws on willing subjects, Dr. Zak and his team found that they could predict economic and social behaviors by measuring the levels of Oxytocin in the body.

They got kinda famous

This was revolutionary work and after writing a of couple books, doing a very popular TED talk on the main stage, and appearing on television multiple times, our co-founders got pretty famous in this field.

They are even credited as the creators of the field of neuroeconomics and the most cited scientists in the world of neuromarketing.

Yes, this is Dr. Zak appearing on the bachelor.




Hello from the US Government...

About that time, some folks from the government came calling.  They wanted to know if this crazy science could predict behaviors in the battlefield. 

Their only rules were that it had to be proven in a 3rd party lab, and had to work in real-world scenarios for a soldier.

First, measure everything

This work took 12 years. During that time, our founding team of scientists measured every possible thing about the human body.  Functional MRI, EEG, galvanic skin response, facial coding, reflexes, breath analyzers, laser beams, (more) blood draws, and cardiac responses.

As neuroeconomists, it wasn't enough to measure a "state." They were looking for a way to predict human social & economic behavior.





The magic is in your heart

What our team found is that there are very subtle changes that happen in between every heartbeat.  

We wrote some algorithms and figured out how to get reliable predictors of the neurochemicals in your brain by listening to your heart. Boom!

(Sounds simple, but this took dozens of people over 10 years!)

We measure on your wrist

Once we knew we could predict behavior using medical grade equipment, we did the heavy lifting to bring this capability to normal smartwatches and fitness sensors.

Brains -> Hearts -> Wrists!



Want to dig deeper into the science?

Breaking down 20 years of science into a few paragraphs is not easy.  So, if you want to go deep on the subject, we have a few resources for you.  

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