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Measure what your audience loves so you can create more of it. 


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In this industry,

The cost of being wrong is high. 

So it is even more important to be right. Immersion helps you make the best decisions from casting, to game flow, to the next breakout star.
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TV & Film

From table reads to pilots to trailers, Immersion reveals what what works and predicts your hits with over 80% accuracy. 

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Gaming & VR

Games & Virtual Reality are designed to be immersive, so supercharge experiences with Immersion. Tap into what your gamers love and build elements that win from beta testing to eSports. 

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Music & Podcasts 

From the newest star, to the best single, to the next bingeable podcasts, Immersion  helps you give the people what they want, by knowing what they love

Immersion measures the real-time connection and emotional resonance of your audience.


What this means for you:

We empower you to predict hits with over 80% accuracy.

It's like you're a wizard now. You're welcome.  

Identify Your Target

Help unlock the ideal audience for your film, show, game, or song by tagging different demographics and psychographics in your participants to contract and compare Immersion and Psych Safety responses.  

Compare v1
Compare Your Content 

Compare your versions, even in their rough form, to optimize for greater impact, identify elements that create confusion or frustration, and highlight the aspects that inspire the most passion in your superfans.

Efficiency V2
Improve the Flow

Improve the storyline and flow of your show, game, podcast, and more by measuring both Immersion and Psych Safety. Together, these essentially provide a measurement of having your audience on the edge of their seats. 


90% of TV Pilots Fail &

80% of films lose money

While most people are at home in sweats, on the couch, watching the newest blockbuster or binging a season, a lucky few have the honor and the pressure of creating that next hit. 

We can help. When you know the Immersion of your audience, we have proven that we can predict future views, purchases, social sharing, and more with over 80% accuracy. No more guessing. Just more binging. 

How our film & television clients use Immersion to streamline their process...



  • Unbiased reactions during table reads 
  • Streamline the casting process with data, not bias
  • Data driven editing in post-production
  • Set & costume design

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  • Greenlight early concepts 
  • Test pilots pre-release
  • Measure full-length in-theater response
  • Identify optimal networks & streaming providers for specific content 
  • Capitalize on premium syndicated content 



  • Optimize marketing content - teasers, trailers, digital spots, and more
  • Identify untapped target audiences
  • Marketing audience and channel optimization
  • Identify the most compelling storylines and characters for marketing development

stop guessing what your audience will love. 

Immersion predicts market outcomes with over 80% accuracy. 


15% of games generate 90% of the industry's profit. 

In an industry whose value will exceed $200 billion by 2023, 85% is too much to waste. Immersion helps unlock what gamers want and puts an end to missed opportunities in games that should be better and in VR experiences that should be more immersive and less nauseating. 


Our gaming clients use Immersion to make more immersive experiences...



  • Measure concepts during greenlight process
  • Measure game experience during the alpha production to identify points of frustration & opportunities for optimization
  • Test storyline pre-development



  • Improve gamer experiences during beta testing 
  • Post-release improvements 



  • Identify the most compelling elements of the game for use in PR events (e.g., E3)
  • Identify most impactful characters for marketing purposes
  • Optimize marketing content and placement for specific target audiences

Measure what your

audience loves today. 

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Music & Podcasts 

90% of songs have less than 5 streams.

That essentially means they have been listened to by the band and their mom.

When you are faced with discovering the next big hit, Immersion gives you the confidence and understanding of what really connects with listeners. 


Our music and podcast clients leverage Immersion to pick the right note...


  • Take an unbiased approach in the A&R process to identify which new artists are most likely to connect with listeners
  • Highlight performers and songs can bridge genre-based target markets


  • Select which songs from an album to release as singles
  • Identify low-immersion elements of songs and optimize to generate stronger hits


  • Pinpoint target markets for songs and podcasts
  • Identify which new songs are most likely to be a ‘hit’ and which may need marketing spend

Case Study Snapshot:

Predicting hit songs in ONE minute

We played the first minute of 7 unreleased songs to 32 people. Immersion predicted the number of Spotify streams one month after song release with 92% accuracy and Shazam lookups with 72% accuracy.

Our analysis showed that a 10% increase in peak immersion will produce nearly 5,000 more streams of the song on Spotify and 8.5% more Shazam lookups.

Immersion is not magic, but it certainly provides a crystal ball. Learn more in our case study. 

You'll be in very good company...
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"The insights we're gaining with Immersion are helping us create more engaging and ultimately more effective learning experiences for our people."
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