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Win More Arguments

A neuroscience tool built for normal people. Turning your audience's brains (and smartwatches) into your superpower.

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❤️ is greater than 👍

But we make most of our marketing decisions based on what people say they 'like'.

That's 💩.


Real insights don't need to take forever or cost your entire budget. 

You don't have time (or energy, or your art director's patience) for the wasted revisions and poor results that flying blind will cause.

With Immersion, you can quickly, nimbly, and affordably test your creative work in minutes using the brains of your super fans, to add certainty to every decision.




Know What Works

Know what will create action from your audience without wasting money on A/B testing and see second-by-second how to make it better.


Find Your Fans

Instant demographic detail to know which people will love your content and which tune-out. Identify your new market opportunities.


Simplify Cut-downs

Now you have a map of exactly what parts of your video drive action, making pre-roll cutdowns a breeze for even the most junior editor.

Challenge the Status Quo

Immersion is neuroscience for challenger brands.  

For those breaking the system and changing the rules of the game.

For the ones that want to move faster and work smarter.

Are you ready to break the rules?

35 is the Magic Number

With a survey,  you need thousands of individual people to respond before you can cut through the clutter of human bias.

Because Immersion captures unbiased brain data second-by-second, you only need 35 people to get a robust, repeatable result.

And remember, Immersion is sent to people with a link, so the 35 people can measure their brains on their own schedules by the deadline you set without any involvement from you.



This is Proven Science

Our team spent 20 years figuring out how to make neuroscience look this easy.

Why it Works

Go ahead, test some of your creative.

Sign up for your free trial and see how it feels to know what connects to your audience. 

You'll be in very good company...
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Veronique Gabai


"Our mission is to create beautiful fragrances with tangible benefits. Immersion is showing that we are on the right path."


Devora Rogers

Alter Agents

"Amazing. We win when our large brand customers connect with their audience. Immersion is our go-to platform for Brand Managers."


Karen Eber


"I.love.this. :). Thank you for providing new ways for me to have conversations and insights with clients."