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Leverage the power of Immersion to push your research and your creative to the next level. Understand what captivates target audiences, predict market outcomes, and win pitches with insights that drive better work, not just more revisions. 

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Surveys are wrong most of the time. 

Real insights do not need to take forever or cost your entire budget. 

Surveys are only accurate 30% of the time. You don't have time (or energy, or your art director's patience) for the wasted revisions that inaccurate data causes. With Immersion, you can quickly, nimbly, and affordably test your creative work in progress to understand your next move.
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Unlock the elements of your branding, product, and creative campaigns that are driving results and quickly see the areas to improve. Stay nimble to get to answers quickly. 



Dive deeper into your target audience than just some stats on a powerpoint and a few randos in a focus group. Understand what captivates your target in real-time and who you should be talking to.  

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Ensure your pitches and presentations have the impact you need. By measuring everything from agendas to introductions to concept flow, you can  optimize for the best client outcome. 

Immersion empowers agencies to break free from the limits of inaccurate data, boring insights, and the constant edits they cause.


Bring energy and collaboration to your work and your teams with insights in real-time that unlock cultural tensions and spark creativity. 

Consumer insights from consumers' real lives

Smart insights drive better work. Shop-a-longs, brand experiences, consumer behavior, and real-time emotional reactions become more meaningful when you can measure them seamlessly in your consumers' everyday lives. Analyze your targets' Immersion and Psych Safety against a concept, a storyboard, a brand value, or just dive deeper into their everyday behaviors. 

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Identify Your Target

Help unlock the ideal audience for your clients by tagging different demographics and psychographics in your participants to contrast and compare Immersion and Psych Safety responses.  

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Compare Your Concepts 

Compare your concepts, even in their rough form, to optimize for greater impact, identify content that creates confusion or frustration, and spot the most intriguing consumer tensions and opportunities. 

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Go Deeper than "Likes"  

With real-time measurements of Immersion and Psychological Safety, you get to the truth of consumers' experiences and ensure you are not just hearing what they think you want to hear. 

Immersion predicts market outcomes with over 80% accuracy. This gives you the power of certainty when making advertising decisions. From the creative to run, to the channel strategy to put in place, to the brand positioning to bring to life, Immersion gives you the power of knowing what will have the most impact for your audience. 

Deliver outcomes to your clients. 


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Perfect Your Pitch

Pitch theater matters. Measure every rehearsal and how each aspect performs - broken out by agenda, presenter, concept, and more. Tweak the presentation flow, get rid of bad jokes, and optimize transitions before the big show.


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Keep Up with Creativity

With neuroscience this nimble, there is no need to wait for weeks for results or only test the final, final versions. With Immersion, you can test every iteration, every rough idea, and compare it to industry norms and your previous work. 

Create with Confidence

Immersion predicts market outcomes with over 80% accuracy. Want to know which piece to produce? Use Immersion on your storyboards. Want to know who will win the business? Measure the Immersion of the pitch.  

Go ahead, test some of your creative.

Sign up for your free trial and see how it feels to know what connects to your audience. 

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"The Immersion data was better at predicting in-market performance of content than any self-reported measures."
Andy Wilson